Mosquito Lady Consulting is proud to be featured as an “Eco-Warrior” organization in Sayan Gulino’s Film shown at Waterbom Bali on November 3rd! The film highlighted the incredible impact that our environmentally responsible approach to mosquito control has had for Waterbom – allowing them to eliminate all chemical pesticide use while achieving superior mosquito control.

“Eco-Warriors” are making a huge difference in Bali, with fellow members involved in activities such as restoring degraded lands through the growing of bamboo forests, conserving energy and water and reducing waste. Sayan’s inspirational film was shown in front of an audience of 300 people at a festive event at Waterbom! Waterbom has been an incredible pleasure to work with over the past two years – a team of creative people implementing innovative solutions in a truly collaborative environment!  Thanks so much Waterbom Bali for being a wonderful partner organization!