Mosquito Lady Consulting Featured as an “Eco-Warrior” by Waterbom Bali

Mosquito Lady Consulting is proud to be featured as an “Eco-Warrior” organization in Sayan Gulino’s Film shown at Waterbom Bali on November 3rd! The film highlighted the incredible impact that our environmentally responsible approach to mosquito control has had for Waterbom – allowing them to eliminate all chemical pesticide use while achieving superior mosquito control.

“Eco-Warriors” are making a huge difference in Bali, with fellow members involved in activities such as restoring degraded lands through the growing of bamboo forests, conserving energy and water and reducing waste. Sayan’s inspirational film was shown in front of an audience of 300 people at a festive event at Waterbom! Waterbom has been an incredible pleasure to work with over the past two years – a team of creative people implementing innovative solutions in a truly collaborative environment!  Thanks so much Waterbom Bali for being a wonderful partner organization!


Mosquito Lady Consulting Returns to the Caribbean!

In June of 2018 Mosquito Lady Consulting had the great opportunity to work with the wonderful Teams at  four Elite Island Resorts in the Caribbean!  St. James’s Club, Pineapple Beach Club and Verandah Resort in Antigua and St. James’s Club at Morgan Bay in St Lucia!  St. James’s Club at Morgan Bay in St. Lucia was a full 10 day implementation of “Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control Project”!  It was a great pleasure to work with some truly extraordinary people to implement a successful project, with all of the components in place to stand the test of time and achieve long term sustainability.  Our mission is to implement projects that allow our clients to stop using chemical pesticides and achieve superior mosquito control.


Mosquito Huntress to the Stars

Recently the Mosquito Lady Consulting Team had the pleasure of working with Noel Bernhardt and the great Staff at Soulshine Resort in Ubud Bali to implement “Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control”.

Soulshine is the famed Michael Franti’s retreat center. Michael Franti has been an active supporter of the Ubud community by putting on benefit concerts for the Bumi Sehat birthing clinic and the Green School Balinese Scholarship program.

We were happy to participate in supporting Michael Franti’s vision for a healthy, green and welcoming retreat center in Ubud, Bali, where people can be rejuvenated enjoying yoga and healthy food in beautiful rice fields.

Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control in Pakistan

Over the past few years Pakistan’s Dengue Fever problems have been escalating to epidemic proportions. Dengue Fever is carried by Aedes mosquitoes.  Controlling mosquitoes in the larval stages in water sources is the best way to control Dengue Fever.  

I recently traveled to Lahore Pakistan to do a private mosquito control consult for Mr. Sethi and his family.  They sponsor two girl’s orphanages, which I also had the pleasure of visiting with the purpose of scouting the properties for mosquito breeding. Currently in Lahore, Pakistan it is the dry season, but by finding areas that will be major mosquito breeding sites when the rains arrive in a few months we were able to prevent a massive amount of mosquito breeding from occurring.

All the people I met in Pakistan where extremely friendly and helpful.  I found the art, parks and culture fascinating! Having dinner with Mr. Sethi and his extended family every evening was a special pleasure and I felt extremely welcome and well taken care of!

I’ve included some background data from the web below.

Dengue Destroyers Anniversary!

 It is hard to believe that five years have already flown by since we implemented the “Baa Atoll Mosquito and Dengue Fever Control Project” on the Baa Atoll in the Maldives.

The Baa Atoll was the first UNESCO biosphere preserve in the Maldives.  It is an incredibly beautiful set of islands, in a tropical marine paradise!  In 2012 Four Seasons sponsored an extensive project including all of the 13 local island of the Baa Atoll with the objective of improving mosquito control to protect the local people from Dengue Fever.  Twelve young college age volunteers worked 6 days a week, sometimes 12-15 hours a day to implement the project.   I was in awe of their dedication and passion for the project.  Seven volunteers were students at U.C. Santa Cruz in California and five volunteers were Maldivian from the capital island of Male.

Working with young people like these is quite an inspiration!  It gives you hope that we have the capacity to bring about positive change in the world!

Every inch of each island was surveyed by our teams working with local volunteers, government officials and school children to find and eliminate mosquito breeding. Every Saturday major clean ups were organized on each island and as much material as possible was recycled.  One big focus of the project was working with local public health officials to improve processes released to on-going mosquito control. Each island was mapped to show the distribution of mosquito breeding found.  The efforts of the teams were quite successful;  each of the island in the project experienced huge reductions in adult mosquito populations.