Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control in Pakistan

Over the past few years Pakistan’s Dengue Fever problems have been escalating to epidemic proportions. Dengue Fever is carried by Aedes mosquitoes.  Controlling mosquitoes in the larval stages in water sources is the best way to control Dengue Fever.  

I recently traveled to Lahore Pakistan to do a private mosquito control consult for Mr. Sethi and his family.  They sponsor two girl’s orphanages, which I also had the pleasure of visiting with the purpose of scouting the properties for mosquito breeding. Currently in Lahore, Pakistan it is the dry season, but by finding areas that will be major mosquito breeding sites when the rains arrive in a few months we were able to prevent a massive amount of mosquito breeding from occurring.

All the people I met in Pakistan where extremely friendly and helpful.  I found the art, parks and culture fascinating! Having dinner with Mr. Sethi and his extended family every evening was a special pleasure and I felt extremely welcome and well taken care of!

I’ve included some background data from the web below.

Dengue Destroyers Anniversary!

 It is hard to believe that five years have already flown by since we implemented the “Baa Atoll Mosquito and Dengue Fever Control Project” on the Baa Atoll in the Maldives.

The Baa Atoll was the first UNESCO biosphere preserve in the Maldives.  It is an incredibly beautiful set of islands, in a tropical marine paradise!  In 2012 Four Seasons sponsored an extensive project including all of the 13 local island of the Baa Atoll with the objective of improving mosquito control to protect the local people from Dengue Fever.  Twelve young college age volunteers worked 6 days a week, sometimes 12-15 hours a day to implement the project.   I was in awe of their dedication and passion for the project.  Seven volunteers were students at U.C. Santa Cruz in California and five volunteers were Maldivian from the capital island of Male.

Working with young people like these is quite an inspiration!  It gives you hope that we have the capacity to bring about positive change in the world!

Every inch of each island was surveyed by our teams working with local volunteers, government officials and school children to find and eliminate mosquito breeding. Every Saturday major clean ups were organized on each island and as much material as possible was recycled.  One big focus of the project was working with local public health officials to improve processes released to on-going mosquito control. Each island was mapped to show the distribution of mosquito breeding found.  The efforts of the teams were quite successful;  each of the island in the project experienced huge reductions in adult mosquito populations.

Elite Island Resorts in Antigua

With Martin Nolasco, Head of Maintenance, St. James’s Club Resort, Antigua (Left Side), Trudy Rilling-Collins, Founder Mosquito Lady Consulting (Middle), Joel Bridge, Maintenance Manager The Verandah and Pineapple Beach Club Resorts (Right Side)


2017 has been an exciting year for Mosquito Lady Consulting.  Implementing “Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control” projects with four Elite Island Resort in Antigua, St. James’s Club, The Verandah Resort, The Pineapple Beach Club and Jolly Beach Club!  The Management Teams were all quite happy with the substantial reductions in adult mosquito populations at each site as mosquito breeding grounds were eliminated. Wonderful working with the excellent Teams at these beautiful Caribbean Resorts!

Beautiful Villa at St. James’s Club Resort, Antigua

Mosquito Lady Consulting in the Caribbean

Luxury Resort Calabash Grenada leads the way in mosquito control.


Calabash Grenada has taken a proactive approach to pest control by enlisting the expertise of Trudy Rilling-Collins who is one of the world’s leading experts in providing environmentally responsible mosquito control programs for tropical resorts.

Mrs Rilling-Collins believes that the beautiful and ecologically sensitive marine life that is the life blood of tourism for many areas of the world, is being degraded by the out dated and ineffective chemical based pest management programs currently in use.Mrs Rilling-Collins has worked extensively throughout Asia and has come highly recommended by many five star resorts such as Six Senses and Four Seasons.

The self-acclaimed “Mosquito Lady” will be in residence at the five star Calabash Hotel over the next few days and will be educating the hotel’s work force and introducing methods to eradicate a substantial percentage of the mosquito population on the hotel’s property.

“Our aim is to combine five star service and luxury within a relaxed and intimate atmosphere to create the ultimate Caribbean escape. Mosquitos do make the environment less comfortable as well as presenting a potential hazard for our guests and staff in the form of diseases such as the Chikungunya Virus and Dengue Fever. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff is always a very high priority. As ever, a major concern is our impact on the environment and therefore, there is great synergy between Mrs Rilling-Collins methods and what we are trying to achieve.” states Adele Garbutt of the owning family and also one of the resort’s Directors.

All Good Things Come to An End

As I say goodbye to Landaa Giraavaru tomorrow, and the Maldives on Sunday, I can’t help but reflect on the past seven weeks. I was at first stunned by the sheer beauty of these islands. But as I traveled to the various islands in the Baa Atoll and spent time with the islanders, I discovered that it was not the landscape (or seascape) that enchanted me the most – it was the people themselves.  The local people showed up day after day for mosquito  survey,  invited us into their homes for lunch, came out to haul trash in the pouring rain, asked questions and thanked us for our hard work!