So, we’ve been here for three days or now and it’s still hard to believe I’m here with such an amazing group of people. My Maldivian teammates are amazing and incredible to hangout with as always but it’s very relieving to find out that our American counterparts are just the same.

Meeting new people is always quite daunting for me but they are quite easy to get along with. The fact that they’re so easy to laugh with, talk to and just have fun as Syd always likes to say is just, I have no words for it. I believe these guys are pretty incredible and will be quite the force to be reckoned with in the coming weeks. From tackling Community health officers and council members to snorkeling with Mantas, every day is quite the adventure.

The project makes me feel a little nervous at times whenever I think about how big it is. But then I realize that I’m surrounded by some of the coolest teammates one could ask for and incredible, energetic and amazing mentors in Syd, Lirar and Trudy!

Tomorrow we go out and start this project for real!

Dengue Destroyers!