Here we go!

So, we've been here for three days or now and it's still hard to believe I'm here with such an amazing group of people. My Maldivian teammates are amazing and incredible to hangout with as always but it's very relieving to find out that our American counterparts are just the same. Meeting new people is [...]

Finally Here!

Touched down in the Maldives a few days ago and what a start it has been! After a couple of lengthy layovers and more than enough time spent in the air, I can say it has most definitely been worth the wait to arrive in my new home for the next six weeks at the [...]

Chemical Free Mosquito Control At Reethi Beach!

From October 2012 Trudy Rilling-Collins, a professional propagating chemical-free mosquito controller has just completed her project on Reethi Beach. In the picture you can see her with Alam, who will be the dedicated mosquito controller of the island in the future. Already during her 10-day assignment, we were able to cut down on fogging with [...]

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