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Chemical Free Mosquito Control At Reethi Beach!

From October 2012 Trudy Rilling-Collins, a professional propagating chemical-free mosquito controller has just completed her project on Reethi Beach. In the picture you can see her with Alam, who will be the dedicated mosquito controller of the island in the future. Already during her 10-day assignment, we were able to cut down on fogging with [...]

Bodu Huraa School Children Learn About Mosquitoes

  On April 24th 147 school children from Bodu Huraa School attended a science lab and mosquito presentation with Trudy Rilling-Collins the “Mosquito Lady”. Twelve classes of students attended spanning Kindergarten through 10th grade. Students had the opportunity to see Japanese Mosquito Fish eating mosquito larvae up close and personal during the lab activity. The [...]

Mosquito Control, The Enviromentally Friendly Way

Published online in sierraclubgreenhome.com By Juliet Blalack Mosquito control is hardly controversial, right? The last way you want to spend your hard-earned vacation is swatting away mosquitoes and then scratching away at the bites. So it hardly seems tragic when the resort starts spraying the bloodsuckers. However, the way that most resorts combat [...]

Mosquito Lady in the Maldives

  ‘Mosquito Lady’ and local community combine to deter unwanted guests on Kuda Huraa By Daniel Bosley | May 8th, 2012 | Category: Environment, Society | 1 Comment » Pest control consultant Trudy Rilling-Collins, better known as the ‘Mosquito Lady’ has been working closely with Four Seasons Kuda Huraa resort and the local community of neighbouring Boda Huraa to introduce sustainable [...]

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