Trudy and Kompiang filling bamboo edging with sand to eliminate mosquito breeding habitat at Umajati Resort

The Mosquito Lady Consulting team just completed a very successful two day intensive sweep audit at Umajati Retreat, Bali. Umajati Co-founder Jean said of the visit; “Trudy was indomitable trekking up and down the ravine of our property looking at coconuts full of water and plants holding water in their flowers and leaf axils. Her Balinese staff were patient and informative as they took a team of our staff around explaining problematic areas and immediately handling those areas with fish, netting septic tank vent pipes, and simply overturning containers of standing water.” 

Thanks to Umajati’s commitment to their community, our services also extended to include checking local staff compounds throughout the broader village area. “Everyone is energized and positive about controlling mosquitoes to keep their families safe!”, the Umajati Co-founder shared. Community level action such as this can make a great impact on community health, helping to protect the village from the potential spread of mosquito borne diseases.

“I could go on and on. We will contract their valuable services to do weekly checking of Umajati and the Staff family compounds in the village,  as how could one not!! I urge friends in our community to use this incredible expertise! I feel so lucky we have Trudy and her knowledgeable Staff available to help us better control our property in a sustainable environmentally responsible way! Thank you, Thank you!” 

We love hearing such glowing reports from our clients, and look forward to keeping the gorgeous grounds of Umajati protected from mosquitos in an environmentally responsible way. 

Beautiful Umajati Resort