We’re off to a really great start at Kudarikilu. After meetings with the stake-holders in the island, four community leaders have stepped up to work with us to make a process to survey houses for mosquitoes: Misfah(an island council member), Zuhaira(a women’s development committee member), Mukhthar(a receptionist at the health post) and Hassan Mohammed(the island’s family health officer). I’m really hopeful for the future of the project as they make up a very dynamic group that works very well together. They have come up with really wonderful improvements.

We’ve also had a lot of help from Kudarikilu School. Sydney, Sean and I presented to kids from grades 5 and above today. They were very actively involved and seemed very enthusiastic to join the surveys as well as the clean up planned for next Saturday.

The surveys will start off tomorrow and we will be working closely to improve the survey process as well as gathering more community support.