So, we’re down to the last week. I’ve been working with Sean the past two weeks in Goidhoo and I’m currently partnered with James in Dhonfanu. They’re both really cool guys and they’re great people to work with. It helps to have good partners when your island is so challenging.

Let me start with Goidhoo. What can I say about Goidhoo? The people were helpful, the council, the healthpost and school were all very involved with the project but it was still very challenging. Mainly because of a couple of huge obstacles popping up in the form of huge freshwater lakes that they have. The weird part about the lakes is that even though they’re cut off from the sea, the water is still salty enough to kill most any fish we put in it, but not salty enough to kill mosquitoes. So it’s a huge breeding ground. Other than that, it was smooth sailing. We managed to even re-check the town twice and find more breeding spots. I hope Goidhoo keeps the project going because the people there seemed motivated to do it, but we’ll see.

And then James and I got assigned to DhonFanu. Let me say, this island is small but at first it seemed difficult to get the community to support the project. Starting Wednesday  a bunch of kids and some of the women came out to help and they seem very motivated and I can see some potential leaders starting to emerge.  Hopefully things carry on the same and we’ll be able to do some meaningful work in the island.

As for me, I’m actually kind of surprised that it’s the last week. The days have just been flying by and a part of me is sad that it’s coming to an end, but then again I look forward to going back home to family and friends. This has been an amazing trip so far packed with memories.

One thing is for certain, I’ll miss all the amazing people I’ve met on this trip and it’ll be hard to say goodbye. I definitely won’t miss the mosquitoes, though.

Till next time!