I’m feeling a lot of gratitude right now so that is what I’d like to share. I knew we had a great team coming in to this, now I’m sure it’s an AMAZING group of people. Not only professional, productive, creative, as everyone showed today during our orientation/revving up, but friendly and hilarious. I am sore from laughing. We are all looking forward to diving in together (to the ocean, on free days!), and I am particularly looking forward to getting to know more people from the islands, including our essential Maldivian teammates.

Here is another thank you to Trudy, our student leaders, our sponsors (esp. Four Seasons) and the probably hundreds of people involved in this project for making it possible. It isn’t just about improving human and environmental health on the islands, but also fostering open sharing of ideas and teamwork between people from opposite sides of the world. The real ticket to improving lives everywhere.

Highlights are everywhere for me, but chasing Trudy around Kamadoo larvae hunting (we all try and emulate her bottomless enthusiasm), diving a reef in our backyard, and watching teammates act out mosquitos using aforementioned dive gear for props have all been great fun.

I’m stoked for the hard work to begin tomorrow! There’s no alternative with these guys around..