Today was the second day of our second week with things just starting off at with my team at Dharavandhoo. We got off to a slow start, but I feel things slowly gaining momentum. It’s great to see how generally aware people of Dharavandhoo are about mosquito breeding; just about everyone has their rainwater tanks well sealed with cloth blocking away any would-be egg laying adults and larvae-eating fish in their wells. Kudos to the health post and everyone else who helped get that info across to the community. Most of the sites found with larvae thus far are either in abandoned areas or in those tiny tiny crevices that hide very well from people.

Things seem bright for the future though, we will probably have some activities for the schoolkids as well. Hopefully they will also be joining in to help out with along with a lot of others. I’m looking forward to working with and hearing some great ideas from the kids at the school.