A new island, a new life..I felt like cutting my hair short today as half our teams started work on a (closer) nearby island. I will miss Eydhafushi and all it held, especially the energetic youngsters and our wonderful health officer team mates, but I had to move on. We won’t stop!

It was neat getting to know the streets of a new island with a totally new feel (and golly, only a few miles away from the last!), and I think we already made some friends at the health center. I was just starting to know my way around Eydhafushi! But I think highlights for today were sharing mango juice in the shade with a homeowner and the young coconuts we were offered as soon as we arrived! But then there was the crane ride. No joke, dangling 20 feet in the air, in a rusty bucket with Sydney to seal an elevated tank at the heavy machinery yard. The foreman was apparently our kind of Action Now! guy, he drove the the behemoth right up to the shoddy tank tower and expertly lowered us to the proper working level. This was definitely not in my expectations or job description. We do whatever it takes! (I’m sure photos will be posted. I am kidding you not)

Also, we snorkeled like 10 feet of the beach here at Landaa Giraavaru in order to see about a hundred fish species coexisting. I sure enjoyed that! Absolutely unafraid of people. Nice!