Tomorrow will be the final day of working with Maalhos followed by a community clean up on Friday. The community here has been great, welcoming us right away and working with us to get the children as well as other adults of the community involved in the project. With everyone’s help were finished up the survey of homes yesterday and used today to trek through the dense jungle that surrounds the island looking for mosquito breeding in tree holes and coconut shells. We stumbled onto a few gravestones in the process that are at least a century old. After lunch we had the school kids come out to help us re-survey a few homes and they seemed to enjoy it and said they would be back for more tomorrow. Community health officers have mentioned that they would like to involve the older children in keeping the project going once we leave the island and I really do think they’ll be able to carry on with mosquito control once we’re gone. Definitely looking forward to two more days on the island and hopefully seeing  a great turnout on Friday.