The team has definitely made a lot of progress on Eydhafushi over the course of the last week. We have surveyed about 3/5 of the whole island and have proven to the community that their is a ton mosquito breeding occurring all over the place, even at the hospital where all dengue fever patients are brought for the Baa Atoll.   That being said, we have seen a lot of community support. After presenting at the school, 250 kids from k-12 and their parents showed up to the trash cleanup on Saturday (we were expecting only around 40 people) and we filled more than 700 concrete bags with trash and recyclables. Even though this is quite an impressive feat there is still a lot  more trash on the beaches that needs to be cleaned up, and hopefully the local community will make more of an effort to do something about it after seeing what they are capable of doing.We have also been getting a group of amazing kids that join our survey groups in the afternoon to learn how to fight mosquitoes! This is really crucial because it makes the sustainability part of our project have a chance at becoming a reality. With only three days left on Eydhafushi there is still a lot of work to do, but we have definitely made progress to make this a sustainable project for the future!