Upon returning to the Maldives, I was flooded with memories. The feeling was similar to returning home, but also different as I felt and feel that I am revisiting the images of a dream.

I am excited to share this dream reality with the volunteers who are dedicating their time to the next six weeks of mosquito control projects! Together, this team of seven UCSC students, five Maldivian volunteers, and Trudy will teach local communities how to implement and maintain mosquito control projects.

In the next six weeks,  we will strive to promote learning and understanding for local islands in mosquito control!

In the next six weeks, I guarantee we will hone our skills in cross cultural communication, in teaching, and in showing compassion, and in acting with integrity and loyalty.

In the next six weeks, I guarantee we will laugh, share, eat, sing, and dance!

Lastly, I promise that our team will leave this place a little bit better than we found it. The sharing of the knowledge that will happen over the next six weeks will hopefully empower the local Maldivian communities to fight against  and control the mosquito populations that needlessly vector Dengue Fever to children, adults and the elderly. While we have no way of foreseeing if  local communities will maintain the projects when we are gone, we can only embrace the opportunity to engage with individuals and to bring understanding.

A hugh thank you to all our sponsors: to the individuals who donated, to the Maldivian American Friendship Society for the major contribution,  and especially to our host resort Landaa Giraavaru of the Four Seasons.  These projects would not be happening without this support! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


And to our internet readers, admirers, and supports, ACTION NOW! Support projects that support communities, because they build larger communities.


signing off.

Syd Miller