Almost done with the Island!

Only have two days left to wrap up the project on Eydhafushi, and it look like everything is coming together. Piggie, Mark, Trudy and I along with Mohammed and some Maldivian volunteers successfully cleared off all the trash from last saturdays cleanup (1000 + bags in less than an hour). Had a great turnout today with all the kids showing up and we now have 3 local kids starting to lead groups for mosquito control independently (which is great for the sustainability part of the project). With Trudy finding funding for supplies in the future, all that is left to do is finish training the local kids and finish surveying the island!

About Trudy Rilling-Collins

Trudy Rilling-Collins, better known as “The Mosquito Lady”, is the founder of Mosquito Lady Consulting, dedicated to replacing chemical pesticides with environmentally responsible solutions.