P1030082     I first visited the Maldives in September 2012. I was so honored to work with Trudy Rilling-Collins to complete a twelve island survey of the local islands of the Baa Atoll, and even had the privilege of working with the local island community of Kihaadhoo to implement a mosquito control project. I look forward to returning to the Maldives to better understand how local communities may best learn and maintain mosquito control projects.

IMG_6372  In the off season from mosquito controlling, I live in Santa Cruz, California,

where I am a third year student at the University of California at Santa Cruz double majoring in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. I am currently employed by the UCSC Recreation Department as a Recreation Leader, and lead groups of students on weekend long Adventure Outings, such as backpacking, snowshoeing, kayaking, hot springing and even yoga and meditation-ing, in our beautiful state of California

IMG_5628  I thoroughly enjoy leading these Adventure Outings, and have completed a certificate through the National Outdoor Leadership School as a Wilderness First Responder to ensure student’s safety.

IMG_4451   During the summer, I maintain my preferred outdoor-woman-ness by living and working just north of South Lake Tahoe at Echo Lake, CA.

driving taxi! The last five years I have worked at the Echo Lake Chalet as a licensed For Hire Boat Taxi Driver. Here, I shuttle day hikers to the trail head of Desolation Wilderness, a beautiful wilderness along the Pacific Crest Trail.

IMG_4562 I enjoy taking hikes after work into these beautiful wilderness areas.

My love for the Maldive Islands and the local communities is like my love for these alpine communities. While they are very different, with varying activities and beliefs, these places have communities of fascinating people who can teach me about the world. I am most exciting about returning to the Maldives to work with my group and the local people, because these programs are about sharing knowledge and collaboration, and so lends a perfect opportunity to build cross cultural relationships and bridges of understanding.