I think an often overlooked portion of our formal education is learning ways of life different than our own. Higher education in the U.S. is it’s own bubble of culture that is easy to remain seated in. It tends  to make me restless though, which drew me to do some studies in Africa. Through travels I’ve seen there’s a lot of work that needs doing at home, and probably more that needs doing abroad. Volunteering with Trudy seemed to me like an amazing opportunity to learn while at the same time making a contribution. The Maldives are in a region of the world I’ve never explored,  a unique cultural area paired with some amazing ecology. I’m looking forward to a lot there, especially learning some of the language and offering health and environmental teaching. I love coral reefs and would like to do some diving. I hope that I learn to understand people there and how I can facilitate involvement in helpful community projects. I can’t wait to meet everyone!


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