Lack of a waste management system in the Maldives is a great health hazard to the local Maldives islanders. Observation shows that the most common mosquito breeding sites are among the trash, this results in dangerous diseases such as Dengue Fever and Chikungunya.
While the state and private sector are divided over the responsibility of garbage collection and clean up, most local islands have never had a full  scale island trash clean up.   As a result plastic and other non-biodegradable  waste can be seen everywhere including the jungle which is the most isolated part of the island.
In a society which used biodegradable materials in much or all of the aspects of their livelihood in the past, plastic is the advent of modern progress. Local islanders do not distinguish the difference of impact which non-biodegradable trash has on their environment and health which maybe why they are often apathetic to it.
This is why we need to create the necessary awareness, build motivation and inspire the local community to work on creative solutions to these problems. In a globalized world, information, resources and other means are well in our reach, and it is for us to utilize them and built a more sustainable community in harmony with our environment.
Action now!