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Control Mosquitoes Naturally with
Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control!

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Welcome to Mosquito Lady Consulting! Our first priority is achieving superior mosquito control WITHOUT chemical pesticides. “Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control uses simple eco-friendly techniques to control aquatic mosquito larvae which are the true root cause of all mosquito problems! We use a “toolbox” approach, evaluating each mosquito breeding site to implement the most long-term, cost effective and eco-friendly control techniques. By combining mosquito control strategies we’ve created a uniquely powerful and extremely effective process.

Our newest endeavor is creating and launching “Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control” for homeowners, an online course. We provide training and support for do-it-yourself mosquito control around the world!

Mosquito Lady Consulting is a global consulting company. We work with everyone from large luxury resort islands, large and small businesses, villa owners, individuals and local communities. We’ve done large scale community service projects, one involving an entire atoll with 13 local islands. Our 2015 project involved a Team of 14 volunteers working for 2 months on the “Mosquito & Dengue Fever Control Project” in the Baa Atoll of the Maldives. The project was sponsored by the Four Seasons.

Our Bali-based hub works throughout Bali and Indonesia to implement “Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control” with villa owners, businesses, resorts and local communities. In Bali we have Teams that can implement on-going mosquito control, checking properties and eliminating mosquito breeding sites weekly for our clients.

Mosquito Lady consults with tropical resorts and hotels worldwide, providing Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control solutions and training.


Mosquito Lady’s Free Workshop gets you started with your own Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control strategy.


Environmentally Responsible Mosquito Control for Homeowners is our online course with training and support for do-it-yourself mosquito control around the world!

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Mosquito Lady provides environmentally responsible mosquito control solutions for villas, businesses and resorts in Bali and across Indonesia.



Trudy Rilling-Collins, known. as the Mosquito Lady is the founder and driving force for Mosquito Lady Consulting.

“Let me teach you how to control mosquitoes on your property permanently.  Achieve superior mosquito control WITHOUT chemical pesticides! My online course supplies you with a toolbox of simple, easy to implement strategies that will bring immediate relief from the swarms of mosquitoes that plague your yard and home.”  – Trudy (The Mosquito Lady)